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The Problem with Freelancing – Millennial Problems Edition

In today’s world we can work from anywhere and our employers (or followers or viewers) can likewise be anywhere. So where does that leave us in this big mesh of globe spanning wired connections where a huge part of our daily connections are only over the web? According to Malcom Harris millennials face a new culture of increased competition, increased isolation, extreme individualism and increased economic insecurity. Continue reading The Problem with Freelancing – Millennial Problems Edition

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Powered by: Stress

My blog has been awfully quiet for some time now. Really that stems from a place of not being able to set aside time for the things that I would like to set aside time for, such as my own creative projects. To be honest, I think keeping busy isn’t only a habit anymore. It has become my escape. I’ve been living through some difficult phases in my life, and especially the last year and a half has been quite hard in many ways, and keeping busy has become a way of keeping myself together. Continue reading Powered by: Stress

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We’re all addicted to something

In a sport where there are girls competing for Olympic gold at 15, it’s a fair enough question: why in the world am I at 23 years old still training full-time, setting goals for myself and “aiming for the top”? It’s a question I get asked fairly often and it’s a question that is sometimes hard to answer. But I believe in a thing called following your own path, and I must admit that maybe I also like to prove people wrong. Continue reading We’re all addicted to something

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Alice in Wonderland

How do you condense the experiences of one whole semester into something that one person can bother to listen to in one go? You don’t. You smile and say it was great. You maybe say you learned some Spanish or that you liked the family you lived with. Maybe a funny story, but that’s it. But if pressed for a story, I think this one would capture the interest of my listeners better, the story of how Alice was lost in Wonderland… Continue reading Alice in Wonderland

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Getting it together

I sit in the cold plastic seats of the bustling Chamartin station, watching people run from platform to platform, while trains whizz underneath the station in all directions, in a mad silent theater of life – without plot and without curtain call. But for the first time since arriving, I feel a small amount of confidence about what I’m about. It’s not so much that nothing is strange anymore or that I feel in any way like I fit in yet, but all of a sudden I Continue reading Getting it together

Fuengirola and Finns on Holiday

Another common stereotype about the Finnish people is that we love lines. We love waiting in lines, we love keeping orderly lines and most of all we love showing up early to reserve a place in the line. When stores in Finland have a grand opening, people will line up days in advance for their chance to win free giveaways. Once again my fellow Finnish countrymen did not let this stereotype down. Continue reading Fuengirola and Finns on Holiday